We currently have 40+ members, with a wide range of ages, up to ninety-three!

We teach Beginner, Intermediate, Continuing & Advanced classes in the Yang 108 Long Form, the Beijing 24 Short Form, and a wide variety of Chi Kung and classes in Meditation.

Trial membership (4 months) $80
1 year membership (paid annually) $195
1 year membership (paid quarterly) $205
To REGISTER please contact David Castle: castle.dr@gmail.com

There are 4 types of classes: Beginner, Intermediate, Continuing & Advanced.

BEGINNER classes are taught the 18 Move (Shi Ba Shi) Qigong, the  5-section Solo Form, the Beijing 24 Form and/or the Yang Style 108 Form.

INTERMEDIATE classes refine what they learned at the Beginner Level and concentrate on applying the 10 Principles of Tai Chi. Yang 108 Form and Beijing 24 Form students perform the movements following along with the group.

CONTINUING students have completed the Intermediate Level and can do the set or sets following along with a group or alone.

ADVANCED students can participate in instructor, teaching assistant and special seminars and workshops.


Class material varies, but most classes begin with some type of breathing, stretching or mind-calming exercises. In many classes, the Chinese internal energy exercise, Qiqong, is taught. Some classes may include a short period of directed meditation.

WHAT TO WEAR: Loose clothing is preferable. We ask that you keep a clean pair of shoes to wear at the club. Tennis shoes, soft-soled shoes, socks or bare feet are all acceptable. Please do not wear black-soled shoes as they mark the practice floor.

Click here for the Class Schedule. Classes take place from September until July. There are no classes in August.